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Guarana is a small plant that can be found in South America – noticeably in the jungle of Amazon. Its seed is very rich in caffeine, working by stimulating and supporting your central nervous system, muscles and heart. Guarana also contains tiny amounts of theobromine and theophylline, chemicals that have stimulating properties that are similar to caffeine. Most claims for Guarana are that it increases body’s metabolic rate, suppresses your appetite as well as enhancing both physical and mental performance.
Originally, the main ingredient of Guarana was considered to be guaranine (aka tetramethylxanthine), but it was later discovered to be caffeine, which Guarana is in fact so incredibly rich with that it is assumed to have arguably one of the highest caffeine percentage of all plants (reaching up to 7%). Guarana’s weight loss properties can also be linked to high thermogenic power of caffeine, which is basically the process of fats (and calories) burning due to increased heat output.
One common theme about the manufacturers of supplements that utilize Guarana (going beyond simply diet pill market) is actually the suggestion that the body will be more alert and less fatigued, a suggestion that’s led to Guarana being used in energy drinks and other drinks – especially in South America.
Guarana and caffeine
Guarana is often cited as having multiple physical or even mental benefits. Most of them though, seem to rely upon the high amount of caffeine that is obviously prevalent in Guarana. Thus, Guarana’s effectiveness is underpinned by the question if caffeine is useful in regards to supplementing your weight loss. However, for those who actually support caffeine as mean of weight loss, legit question arises as to which chemical mechanisms of caffeine – and therefore Guarana – help your body lose weight.
As mentioned above, the most important active ingredient of Guarana is caffeine. Debates surrounding the properties and benefits of caffeine discuss the rate at which caffeine’s thermogenic properties supplement actual weight loss, and if such attributes of caffeine are enough to make a difference.
Thermogenesis is basically the process through which living organisms produce heat. A well-known example of this process is shivering, when the muscle groups sitting around vital organs of your body begin to shake a bit to create warmth through expending energy. The process of thermogenesis is a crucial component of your metabolic rate and thus by stimulating it one can increase his fat oxidation and energy expenditure.
A major study was published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition of America noting that caffeine does actually boosts thermogenic effect, which in turn induces fat-oxidation and calorie burning. Additionally, there is vivid clinical support for how effective Guarana is when it comes to increasing mental performance and vigour. One study organized in Britain even found that Guarana pills “enhanced scores on tests for mood, alertness and memory compared with the performance of that same group of students on a different day when taking placebo pills”. These findings regarding the effects of Guarana were definitely higher than expected, showing that it was not merely the caffeine in Guarana that buffed these results.
Another benefit of caffeine (and Guarana as well) which makes it even more viable as a supplement for weight loss is caffeine’s ability to suppress appetite. As a stimulant, it masks hunger cravings and fatigue and provides a boost in energy levels and alertness. Still, it should be noted that this is only true if caffeine is taken in moderation. If In excess, caffeine actually leads to hunger cravings since it stimulates secretion of insulin in your body – which reduces your blood sugar level – thus increases your feeling of hunger.
Guarana is widely known in the society, and has been included in a numerous diet pills as an active ingredient. It has also found fame in supplementing personal and professional athletic performance.
So is Guarana really a weight loss supplement that’s worth investing in? Even though there can’t be any easy answer to this question, it would seem that Guarana does in fact has a multitude of benefits and while weight loss supplementing is not its primary one, it’s relevant and has actually been clinically supported.
Guarana weight loss pills
Still, as was mentioned earlier, those trials that have looked at the Guarana’s effects on fat loss have actually not isolated Guarana and have included a number of other ingredients instead. So if you decide to try Guarana for its weight loss properties, it’s important that you keep in mind that to maximize the effects, it might have to be combined with other supplements. It is also worth mentioning that Guarana diet pills are not a niche or specialist ingredient, and its use is widely spread around South America, specifically in energy drinks. It’s also used as an active ingredient in many weight loss tablets on the market and can easily be purchased today –
a good example being OneTwoSlim, that combines Guarana with multiple other ingredients for maximized effect.
Ultimately, Guarana is a perfect ingredient to be assimilated to a active and healthy lifestyle, as it’s not only more cost-efficient as a great alternative to a mug of coffee in the morning, but it’s also noticeably more effective. And as a mean of weight loss supplement, it’s best to use Guarana combined with Raspberry Ketone - they help your body to get rid of the extra calories and accumulated fat while not affecting the muscle tone. Buy OneTwoSlim if you want all those ingredients blended in the perfect proportions to achieve excellent results!