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green coffee
You’ve probably got to hear a lot about green coffee, either on TV or maybe from a friend. Besides, several famous healthcare specialists have spread the word about all the outstanding weight loss results people are getting.
It might be that you have a problem with weight you just can’t solve. And to make everything even more challenging, your physician insists you ought to change you habits or risk to face some serious health problems. But despite you’ve tried all the advertised diets and “insanity-intense” workouts around, but it just takes too long, is too difficult to stick to, and honestly, you don’t have enough time…
Green coffee is basically nothing more than unroasted coffee beans sold in the raw form. Normally, they would be roasted at 475F to give them the rich brown color and distinctive delicious taste, but this also inevitably affects the very inner structure of the coffee bean.
Because green coffee is not affected by the roasting process, chlorogenic acid which is the main ingredient that affects weight loss, remains untouched. These beans also contain antioxidants which may also aid against premature aging. Besides, it has been reported to help prevent hypertension and diabetes.
Green Coffee Beans for weight loss.
Number of noted studies have proven weight loss effectiveness of green coffee beans. A 2012 study first published in a magazine Diabetes and Obesity actually showed that the test subjects managed to lose an average of 19 pounds in just 13 weeks. Another study was conducted by Dr. Oz show and involved about a hundred obese test subjects. They were also told to use the method of food journal. And they were also told not to change regular diet.
Results of this research clearly showed that test subjects taking green coffee beans tablets and writing down details of the meals in a journal resulted in losing a pound per week, which is twice the amount of weight lost only using a method of food journal.
Also, it must be noted that several companies have been convinced to use some artificial binders and fillers within their pills. Therefore you should take supplements which contain at least 45% of Green Coffee Antioxidant, or Chlorogenic Acid, in order to get effective dosage while avoiding harmful side effects coming from fillers.
Having such an outstanding list of benefits, it is completely natural to be curious about potential side effects. There must be some after all to balance out all benefits that green coffee beans offer! However, in both studies, there were nor side effects reported, neither symptoms from drinking too much coffee. But wait, is it even possible?
For instance, doctors warn that the potential dangers of coffee are quite real. Any coffee drinker knows that it can wake you up, but if you drink too much caffeine, it can prevent you from sleeping normally and make you jittery. You wouldn’t want to have to deal with insomnia, would you? The list even goes to elevating your heart rate, which can have serious implications for cardiovascular system.
Luckily, this list doesn’t apply to green coffee at all. You’d have to drink a lot of cups of coffee to trigger any of potential side effects or even make them likely. And with green coffee pills, it’s completely impossible. Symptoms from caffeine overdose are not among any of green coffee side effects.
An everyday cup of roasted coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine, and some special ones like those from a “venti drip” can reach coffee levels as much as 400 mg. Compare it to a serving of green coffee beans, which contains just about 20 mg of caffeine. And it means you’d have to take at least five times the number of the cups you take to at least get to that same level. Obviously, that is far beyond the recommended dosage of any tablets.
So what are the possible risks? Like any supplement or medication, there are some dangers:
- You are allergic to caffeine or to coffee beans. Which is very rare, but still possible. Some people are allergic to caffeine and can face symptoms such as breathing difficulties and hives. If you can’t drink tea or soda, then you are also allergic to caffeine. And if you can’t drink even decaffeinated coffee, then it seems like you’re allergic to the coffee itself. Either way, you obviously should not take green coffee supplements.
- Breastfeeding or pregnant women also shouldn’t take green coffee extract. Reputable green coffee pills manufacturers warn of this on their products and on their websites. That being said, green coffee has not been technically proven to be dangerous for women in such conditions. Actually, any type of health supplement or medication can be dangerous for breastfeeding or pregnant women. Any new supplement or medication (or even new meal added to the diet) should first be approved by the doctor before a woman consumes them.
- Children are also advised to avoid green coffee pills. Children require lots of energy, but caffeine—even small amount contained in green coffee servings—in not good for them. Some parents let their children drink high amounts of soda (which contains caffeine), while almost every healthcare professional states that this is a very unhealthy option. Actually, drinking massive amounts of soda is often considered one of the main causes of obesity.
- People on medication for major ailments like diabetes or heart disease must avoid green coffee tablets as well. And again, this advice applies to all types of medicines or supplements. You are advised to discuss this matter with the doctor first before deciding to take the capsules while taking meds. Doctor must give you the green light before.
Ditary supplement.
One final thing to consider, green coffee extract can reduce the amounts of some minerals in your body, such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron. It’s important to be aware of this fact so you can add in more foods high in the lost minerals to your diet, or just take a daily supplement. Another great way to nullify few negative effects of the extract is by taking it in a blend of carefully considered ingredients, such as OneTwoSlim.